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  Martial Arts , Kickboxing , Self Defense training and workouts is one of the best ways to get into and remain in top physical form. This type of training will compliment all other athletic disciplines you may be involved with. Age, gender and experience is never a factor in this type of training. Diligent practice and a good mind set is key for any student of any discipline.

  Martial Arts training will consist of learning all the basic kicks, strikes, blocks needed to establish the foundation for understanding the techniques as well as toning the muscle groups needed to execute the varied techniques. Once a student has advanced through the basics it's time to start sparring. This is the workout that is second to none. Most all my students have commented that this workout has the largest cardio footprint they have yet experienced.

  Kickboxing training/workout will introduce you to the PKA (Professional Kickboxing Association) style of fighting as well as the Muay Thia way of fighting.  You will receive a lot of light contact, fully padded sparring from this training.

  Self Defense training will expose you to real life street techniques that utilize some very effective weapons that you carry around with you all your life but never knew you had. All of these techniques can be mastered within a few lessons.

   One may train in any one of these disciplines or all three for the same price. All lessons are a full hour with a lot of information conveyed and somewhat fast paced.

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